Committed to Excellence

Sedgwick Pharmacy is committed to providing excellence across the board. Excellence in our customer service, product quality, and in our professional, caring staff. We succeed daily in our mission to be efficient, technologically advanced, and educated on the latest pharmaceutical industry news, standards and procedures.

Serving the Community Since 1978

Sedgwick Pharmacy has been proudly serving the community since 1978. Founder Michael Agovino has seen his pharmacy grow and expand throughout the years to meet the needs of his customers. This includes a major expansion in 2008 providing a new spacious look which allows for the customer convenience of a well-stocked inventory and ample space for surgical supply trial and fittings. Sedgwick Pharmacy is also known for serving the long term care community for 25 years and for being involved in community support since opening 31 years ago.

The Sedgwick Family

Michael AgovinoMichael Agovino, Pharmacist
Michael is a graduate of Fordham University and is the founder of Sedgwick Pharmacy. A pharmacist for 38 years and a former president of New York City Pharmacist Society (NYCPS), Michael currently sits on the board of directors for NYCPS.
Vincent MazzamutoVincent Mazzamuto, Pharmacist
Vincent is a graduate of Long Island University and is co-owner of Sedgwick Pharmacy. He has been a pharmacist at Sedgwick for eight years and is active as a consultant pharmacist for several social agencies.
Adam AgovinoAdam Agovino, Pharmacist
Adam is a graduate of Northeastern University and has been a pharmacist at Sedgwick Pharmacy for four years. He is an active consultant pharmacist for several social agencies and serves as an adjunct professor at St. John’s University.
Victoria AryaVictoria Arya, Technician
Victoria has ten years of experience as a pharmacy technician bringing expertise and accuracy to Sedgwick Pharmacy. Her high-level customer service skills are in keeping with the excellence of Sedgwick’s philosophy.
Veronica VuktilajVeronica Vuktilaj, Technician
Veronica has five years of experience as a pharmacy technician . Her professional, people-friendly approach is a great asset to Sedgwick Pharmacy.